3 March 2012 @ 2pm


Why Hello There

It would appear that I have been missing. Again. I’m still here and still in Hong Kong. I’ve learnt many things during our time away.

1. Don’t tip a drink whilst sipping at it with a straw. 2. French people can be nice especially during Christmas time. 3. Just working hard doesn’t always get you the goods. 4. Yum cha for dinner is every bit as awesome as it sounds. 5. Appreciating blue sky after 4 weeks of unending grey polluted skies. 6. The Great Wall of China really is great. 7. How to pretend to speak Cantonese. 8. Yes, you really need that many shoes. 9. That not all lines on the NY subway go via the Brooklyn Bridge, just the ones you get on. 10.  Congee is the best breakfast food.  10. Your parents travel in a very different way to you. 11. Snow is cool for about 6 minutes and then walking through it sucks! and its cold. 12. Fried chicken seems to be the Philliphines national food 13. Don’t listen to that clown bullshit 14. Cheap air fares is all that but not all that. 15. E-mail & Powerpoint are more than just tools 16. You can harvest water from the room in HK. 17. The best egg tarts are from Tai Cheong bakery.

So as you can see. Much learnings. And many more to come.


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Fruit and Veg
6 September 2012 @ 3pm

I love HK, it’s the best place on earth. You’re lucky to live there… I wish I was born there!

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3 January 2013 @ 7pm

I love noodles from my child age. Its my most favourite food i like to have obviously. We will get those pack on monthly basis as of people buying wholesale bottles in markets for day to day activities.

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Golden Sun Restaurant
4 October 2013 @ 12pm

Always loved your updates especially quick recipes because they are fast to prep and easy meals for busy folks like me. So busy managing a Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba area. I am awaiting eagerly for your new updates!

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